Y'all, I'm hosting a workshop!

Let me tell you about irony.

About 6 months ago I started planning my very first workshop as a life coach. I had a big pile of ideas I wanted to teach, I had lots of friends very interested in said workshop and I even announced a save the date! Boom! Accountability! Right?

Welp, that was all my Inner Critic needed to totally shut down the process. No one will want to come to that workshop. Who do you think you are? What makes you the expert on THAT? 

I procrastinated. I over thought. I got overwhelmed. I totally got in my own way and no one got a workshop that month... or the month after. In fact, my project seemed to forever be just beyond the constantly disappearing horizon.


I got out of my own damn way. 

Then I planned a workshop. For real. It's April 9 from 9-11 in downtown Oklahoma City. It's called How to Get Out of Your Own Damn Way and I can't wait to share it with you. :)

That time I got entirely freaked out

Can we talk about cancer scares? Holy shitballs, folks. I had one this week. Not because any doctor or ultrasound tech said the dreaded word to me, but because there was a mass in my body that looked odd and I needed to see a specialist. And when I returned the phone call confirming the specialist appointment I heard the clinic's name included the word 'oncology'. If you were one of the lucky few at Clarity Coffee on Tuesday, that's why I was on the phone in a sudden, sharp downward spiral. I had just been handed a big ole question mark and I don't handle big ole question marks well -- at least not ones that look like tumors.

This bright morning I am so damn grateful for the compassionate doctors I encountered this week. I am so damn grateful for the collection of friends I let in on my panic, friends who gave me their prayers and good thoughts and interpretive dances (I totally let them have all the options because not everyone does religion but everyone can send good energy). One of my dearest, KC, drove me to the appointment, held my hand as I gritted through the pain of having this thing plucked from my body and blinked in wonder with me as we realized life was most likely going to be okay -- as much as life can be, that is. Life's famous for being weird. 


The lesson, I suppose, is to surround yourself with support when you're terrified. Attend medical check ups with voracious regularity. Eat more colors and do more yoga (I'll join you). Or whatever activity that gets you into your physical being instead of that overactive mind. Move your big, beautiful body in the direction of the full life that awaits you. The dread and deep regret I felt about all the unlived pieces of my own life on Monday night is my own fuel for more personal change.

And if I can help you with your own wake up call, I'm happy to.

Getting Clarity

One thing I've learned in the last few years of helping people get onto the path of the life they want to be living is that lots of people are stuck. It's not often a stuckness born out of apathy, though. More times than not people are stuck because of overwhelm and anxiety. We are living in a time of information overload -- abundance of choices and inundated with expectations. 

How to discern what is for you and what is not? How to tune out the inner critic and go forward? How to get (and keep) yourself calm and confident? How to get brave and grab the life you want?

The overwhelming options are everywhere! Advertisers tap deep into the human psyche and use our constant connection to social media to touch our emotions. Everyone else is gleefully sharing their vacation photos and brags on their partners and announcements on new houses and babies and early retirements. Damn, it's great for them but what about ME?

(Don't consult your inner critic on this question. Trust me.)

Here's your permission slip to change something: Make an appointment to call me and get clarity on your struggle. We'll chat for about 30 minutes and you'll leave with a better idea of where you're at and where you want to be. Pinky swear. 



I'm a life coach and counselor. It's hard to turn off / tune out in public, but I try as often as I can to keep that boundary so people can keep their privacy and I can stay focused on my tasks at hand. Yes, I'm trying to save the world one person at a time but I'm not the heart and soul police -- it's best when folks to come to me. That said, sometimes I forget my earbuds. Sometimes I am taking a break at a coffee shop, scrolling through Zappos letting my ears wander as my eyes scroll for perfect boots. Last night I overheard a guy suddenly share a painful story with what seemed to be a new friend. Just... out of the blue a story poured from him, sort of nonchalantly, that was so startling I couldn't stop eavesdropping. As he said to his friend, "Sorry... I've never said all that before. I haven't even cried yet. I'm not sure I should," I shoved my hand in my purse and grabbed a card. I always worry that I'm going to be perceived as a predatory when I overhear painful stories out in the world and want to help, but last night... sigh. My whole body was in chills and I couldn't let that guy stay unserved. I hope he calls me. Or calls somebody. As I told him briefly what I do and asked him to call me if he wanted to talk he thanked me and touched my arm. And began to tear up, as did I. Then I leaned over and hugged him and he hugged back...hard. He wiped a tear and I hope he wipes a whole bunch more and lets himself soften into grief and healing. I hope you do, too, if that's what you're needing today.

The lovely Elizabeth Gilbert

I scrambled from my office on Monday to meet up with my oldest friend and one of my newest friends to carpool to Wichita, Kansas. We three are massive fans of Liz Gilbert her closest book tour stop for Big Magic was a mere 2ish hours away. 

Giggles broke out as we pulled into the parking lot and, mesmerized, I blurted out, "THIS ISN'T REAL." Several facts weren't taken into account about our adventure, including the tour stop being in smaller city, just because we adore her doesn't mean the whole world knows her and it was hosted at a Presbyterian church. Gratefully, we took our third row center seats — insert fangirl squee here, even though I'm nearly 40 — and waited for the other 300 or 400 people to eventually be seated. There were even fresh baked cookies and coffee, y'all. 

Liz read from from Big Magic for 20ish minutes, fielded a gaggle of questions then vulnerably spoke to us about her personal boundaries and the importance of protecting our own creativity, "It requires a tremendous boundary of self-care." Her many words shifted many things in me that night  (and I've been sharing the wisdom with clients all week, too) but the most impactful words came straight from her to me, as I was the lucky first-question-getter. I asked how to choose between all my Beautiful Ideas (there are SO many, you guys).

She said, you are the president and Ideas are cabinet or board members. Ideas are certainly welcome but if they want to fully come to life, they need to submit a proposal for consideration. Should I choose to put the Idea under contract, I have a sacred agreement and any other Idea will have to wait until it is more prepared and I am available. They don't even have to wait around -- there are plenty of other hosts in the world who can make Ideas happen (aka, all of us). That's just a part of the big magic. She looked lovingly at my worried face, the brow so often furrowed with overwhelm and released this:

"Get a reputation in the Universe as the gal who finishes things. Then the really interesting things come to you."

Let's chat and make a plan for the life you want to be living. 


New Digs

A few weeks ago I was receiving an Acupoint treatment from Jesse at Likeminded Therapies and we were chatting up a storm, as is typical for us in a session. As I caught him up on the progress of Big Bravely, he asked if I'd ever considered joining a group like his. 

Well, yes. I thought of it often... but never asked. Really, I sort of assumed I couldn't afford the rent or wasn't a fit for the clinic as most of the practitioners are people who work on bodies: Massage, yoga, aromatherapy, Chinese medicine, etc... At the heart of everything, I'm a counselor. I'm a person who wants to sit across from you to help you get out of your own way and live the life you really want to be living. And I know squat about bodies.

Jesse and the other co-owner of the clinic wanted more practitioners who worked on the mind, not just the body. It is a holistic health clinic after all. 

After several conversations, I accepted the space. Now, Big Bravely has a corner office overlooking North May Avenue in Oklahoma City! Honestly, it feels weird to be working beyond "the bubble" for the first time in many years. But it's awesome to be 5 minutes away from all the nerdy grocery stores and the 15 minute commute is great for whittling away and my ever-growing podcast collection. 

More importantly, it's neat to be doing the work I love alongside other people who have dedicated their careers to the care, service and transformation of others. Changing the world is fun. 

Coffee with Sheri

I want to meet you, Oklahoma City. 

Although, there's a decent chance I already ran into you at an event or tweeted with you on the Interwebs -- that's not the same as meeting you.

Let's have a conversation! Tell me about your hopes or hobbies or habits. Maybe you're curious about life coaching and counseling  (like, what is a life coach anyway?) or attending a future workshop?  I'll answer any questions about Big Bravely or anything else. Except math. Please don't ask me math questions.

If you are struggling with something, feel free to use our time as a mini-session to test out what it feels like to get genuinely supported by someone who has your back. I'd be honored to help. 

Daring Greatly

Several years ago, Brené Brown inspired me with her book, Daring Greatly, and below is the excerpt of the Theodore Roosevelt speech that inspired the title of her book. I think of these words often, particularly when I summon my own courage.