The lovely Elizabeth Gilbert

I scrambled from my office on Monday to meet up with my oldest friend and one of my newest friends to carpool to Wichita, Kansas. We three are massive fans of Liz Gilbert her closest book tour stop for Big Magic was a mere 2ish hours away. 

Giggles broke out as we pulled into the parking lot and, mesmerized, I blurted out, "THIS ISN'T REAL." Several facts weren't taken into account about our adventure, including the tour stop being in smaller city, just because we adore her doesn't mean the whole world knows her and it was hosted at a Presbyterian church. Gratefully, we took our third row center seats — insert fangirl squee here, even though I'm nearly 40 — and waited for the other 300 or 400 people to eventually be seated. There were even fresh baked cookies and coffee, y'all. 

Liz read from from Big Magic for 20ish minutes, fielded a gaggle of questions then vulnerably spoke to us about her personal boundaries and the importance of protecting our own creativity, "It requires a tremendous boundary of self-care." Her many words shifted many things in me that night  (and I've been sharing the wisdom with clients all week, too) but the most impactful words came straight from her to me, as I was the lucky first-question-getter. I asked how to choose between all my Beautiful Ideas (there are SO many, you guys).

She said, you are the president and Ideas are cabinet or board members. Ideas are certainly welcome but if they want to fully come to life, they need to submit a proposal for consideration. Should I choose to put the Idea under contract, I have a sacred agreement and any other Idea will have to wait until it is more prepared and I am available. They don't even have to wait around -- there are plenty of other hosts in the world who can make Ideas happen (aka, all of us). That's just a part of the big magic. She looked lovingly at my worried face, the brow so often furrowed with overwhelm and released this:

"Get a reputation in the Universe as the gal who finishes things. Then the really interesting things come to you."

Let's chat and make a plan for the life you want to be living.