New Digs

A few weeks ago I was receiving an Acupoint treatment from Jesse at Likeminded Therapies and we were chatting up a storm, as is typical for us in a session. As I caught him up on the progress of Big Bravely, he asked if I'd ever considered joining a group like his. 

Well, yes. I thought of it often... but never asked. Really, I sort of assumed I couldn't afford the rent or wasn't a fit for the clinic as most of the practitioners are people who work on bodies: Massage, yoga, aromatherapy, Chinese medicine, etc... At the heart of everything, I'm a counselor. I'm a person who wants to sit across from you to help you get out of your own way and live the life you really want to be living. And I know squat about bodies.

Jesse and the other co-owner of the clinic wanted more practitioners who worked on the mind, not just the body. It is a holistic health clinic after all. 

After several conversations, I accepted the space. Now, Big Bravely has a corner office overlooking North May Avenue in Oklahoma City! Honestly, it feels weird to be working beyond "the bubble" for the first time in many years. But it's awesome to be 5 minutes away from all the nerdy grocery stores and the 15 minute commute is great for whittling away and my ever-growing podcast collection. 

More importantly, it's neat to be doing the work I love alongside other people who have dedicated their careers to the care, service and transformation of others. Changing the world is fun.