The Big Bravely Collective

A few words to the tired, lost and overwhelmed... 

You have trouble asking for help, but there's a hunch you really need some outside wisdom for getting out of this lost and lonely feeling. Lonely, even-in-a-room-of-people-you-love feeling. You want some friggin' clarity because there are a thousand things on your plate and it's hard to know what to do first or next. And you're really hard on yourself in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

You want balance. Space. Peace. GENUINE JOY.

You want to be in the company of women who have your back. You want to feel way less alone and way more in connection with people, even with people who might not be just like you. Heck, not-like-me sounds like a refreshing change of pace!

You know all of the above involves going forward bravely, but you're like, "Where the hell did I put my Bravely? Is it behind the sofa? Is it in 'that drawer' in the kitchen? Do I need to just order a new one on etsy?"


I gotchoo right here in this 6-month group coaching program. What's included:

  • 2hr monthly online workshops (yay learning!)
  • monthly bonus calls with topics co-created by group input and my own spidey sense (because collaboration rules and not every group is the same)
  • a purposeful book club (including discussion and integration – you've learned by now that just reading things isn't always the path to freedom)
  • private online community with up to 15-20 women (because too few people slows down group energy and too many gets overwhelming)
  • a monthly private session with me (for meaningful integration and privacy, because I know there will be things personal enough you don't want to talk about them in a group)
  • straightforward practices to integrate what you learn (because without practices, new concepts never become actual tools and new ways of being)
  • recordings of all group calls and all private calls (so you can revisit any time and catch up if you need to miss a live group call)

At the end of these 6 months you will begin feeling like yourself again (or for the first time ever). Imagine what life could be like at work or at home or with your friends if you deeply understood and were agile with:

  • healthy boundaries
  • genuine connection, no matter who you're with
  • resiliency when navigating awkward or even challenging conversations
  • knowing you're not alone (no really, you aren't)
  • the idea that you aren't actually broken, but the world definitely is
  • the idea that being who you're meant to be has a world-changing impact  
  • self-confidence that comes from liking yourself, imperfections and all (instead of bravado)
  • letting that critical voice in your head settle down for a long winter's nap

The next Big Bravely Collective is NOW OPEN for enrollment and we will begin in March. Investment for enrolling is a $297 per month. Bi-monthly payment plans and pay-in-full discounts are available (because I heart options, y'all).

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