You’re gonna learn how to GET A MINUTE, whether that’s from family or job responsibilities or the 24-hour news cycle.  I want you to find YOUR way of having just a little bit of peace that isn't self-destructive (the chaos of life is always waiting for you at the end of that row of Oreos...).

I don't promise immediate and permanent zen tranquility. (Doesn't 'instant zen' sound like a lovely flavor of tea??)  I just want you to have that little beat of space between stimulus and response — bit of room to think and to breathe. (Aka the space between "oh shit!" and "let's panic!")

Getting this inner space is not terribly complicated but it does require you to learn a couple of concepts that no one taught you in school. You'll need to learn the concepts, and then show up to practice them. And when we practice our new tricks together in a safe place — it’s easier. We are biologically wired to thrive in safe social connection. But when I say "show up" I also mean showing up to yourself and your own inner process. 

Fun fact: Space doesn’t just happen by accident (unless one is literally in outer space). 

Another fact: Your brain (and perhaps your body) is going! going! going! all the time. Whether it's trying to keep up with work politics or flipping out about national politics (I can't blame you on that one...) there's a LOT happening up there in that noggin. It's wearing you out mentally but it's also disheartening.  Your spirit is suffering. 

Get a little bitty break. Learn how to calm your mind and start feeling like yourself again. Right now. Claim it.

No... I'm not teaching you to meditate (but, if you love it -- keep doing it!) and there will be no yoga. I'm not very bendy. 

There will be crafts (because learning through arts is more fun -- especially if you're "not creative")!

There will be laughs (because laughter is medicine)!

You will be learning... but this isn't school

This is a recess. I even built you a (digital) playground. Fer reals. 

It's also a nap time. A much needed rest and refresh for your spirit. 

The nutshell:

  • A private, digital neighborhood full of people you probably already know but not very well (just like your own neighborhood!)
  • 8 weeks of live teaching that is also recorded so you can catch up on what you missed or revisit over and over. 
  • Creation prompts to lock in the lessons. Call it art, call it craft, call it movement, call it neurosensory exercises (that's what I call it).
  • Surprises! (That's a code word I use to cover my... ahem... in case I want to add more stuff. I always want to add more stuff.)

Getting space is more crucial than you'd think. Let me try to explain (probably imperfectly)... 

We modern men and worldly women are inundated and overwhelmed. There's the YOU you try to be for everyone else and the YOU you want to be for yourself. Those two roles compete for time and attention as do lots of other roles.  

When you can't think straight, stress has you taking things out on people, running away from problems or totally checking out (fight, flight, freeze) -- then you feel worse instead of better. Deadlines get missed. Conversations that need to happen... don't. Extreme tiredness sets in (that voice in your head wants to call that 'being lazy' but... it isn't). 

When you can't think straight, you go into auto-pilot mode. You live your life going from thing to thing to thing without really knowing if it's the right thing for you. Where does that lead you? 

Um... lost. Just like if you went for a hike on without a map or compass in a place you've never been. 

Still not sure? How about some practical truth sauce? 

When you live in constant stress you experience any combo of these things:

  • racing thoughts
  • lack of clarity and focus
  • paralyzing fear over things that shouldn't be that big of a deal
  • confusion on what your next steps are
  • trouble waking and never waking rested
  • trouble falling and/or staying asleep
  • trouble digesting food (I could go into graphic detail... but... you know if this is you...)

When your body stays in constant stress for years, you are more likely to experience:

  • auto immune disorders
  • trouble with maintaining a variety of healthy relationships
  • low self-worth
  • muscle tension and pain

Common Questions:

+ When will the next {Inner} Space Camp begin?

The current camp began on July 11 and will wrap up on September 9 -- so sometime after then. If you want to be notified immediately the next time {Inner} Space Camp is announced, please join the waitlist.

+ But... if I'm so busy, how will I fit this in?

I AM GLAD YOU ASKED. Your question means you took just a bit of space (baby step!) and that little moment is a good example of how easy this process can be when you set an intetion and get support locking it in.

{Inner} Space Camp could totally take 5 hours of your life every week, if that's what you need/want (my guess is the biggest time commitment would be how much you choose to connect with others in neighborhood), but you can get a rich experience from 15 minutes a day. AND the brain science hacks I'm bringing you are tools you can deploy as you are living your every day life. The trick isn't making time for Inner Space, it's remembering to practice the tools that take you there. That's why I'm attaching an online community -- watching other people practice will prompt you to do the same.

+ Do I need to buy fancy art supplies?

No! Whatever you have around the house is fine. Rummage through your stash of office supplies, find a few colored pens and highlighters, and steal some paper from your printer. That's all you really need. If you want to buy some stuff you absolutely can. I'll have an optional supply list in your Camper Welcome Packet.

+ What kind of "creation prompts" are we talking? I'm not very creative!

If you are able to enroll into this program and communicate to other human beings, you are creative. Campers need not be artistic or stereotypically "creative" to participate. In fact, you don't have to art anything you don't want to art. We like you just the way you are! But I do know that humans create (language, food, thoughts, etc.) all day every day, so -- spoiler alert -- you're creative. You might leave even more creative than you arrived but that's not the goal.... the goal is spaaaaaace.

+ No, really, what's the time commitment on this like?

Each week I'll be doing a live teaching which will be about 30 minutes, perhaps with a live Q&A afterwards. Then, you'll have a few creative prompts doled out each week that you can spend as much or as little time on as you'd like. My guess, maybe 15 or or 30 minutes each, but you certainly don't have to do them every single day = that's totally up to you. Anything above and beyond that is your choice! How much time you'd like to spend in the neighborhood, if you're really digging the prompts and want to really get your hands dirty and spend more time with them, whatever makes you happy, makes me happy!