What's it like to work with me?


I’m more confident, and feel better diving into creative projects.”

Since working with Sheri in the Big Bravely Collective, I’m more confident, feel better diving into creative projects, and know that I could totally build my own business. These are things I've been struggling with in my adult life, and it's been nice to clear away the debris of past experiences to make a path to new stuff.

The group environment helped me see that there are other people who struggle with the same stuff that I do. I like knowing that I’m not alone! I loved all the readings, and felt like they really helped - I’ve pretty much recommended one of them to everyone I know!

Working with Sheri is really easy, and I definitely recommend BBC - I feel like many women would benefit from working with her.

“[Sheri] can help illuminate your way through some pretty dark stuff.”

The Big Bravely Collective, was a slight financial stretch, but one I was eager to make in order to work with Sheri. At the end of the program, I definitely feel more confident overall, and I'm far less indecisive than I was. I've also noticed that I don't get caught in that stupid shame cycle as much, and feel like I'm moving forward.

One of the best parts of the program was being a part of a group of women who had similar, yet different, struggles. It was helpful to see how the work applied to various situations, and how we all still get bogged down with the same old shit.

Sheri is genuine, and everything we talked about in BBC has touched her in one way or another. Having her as our leader set a spectacular example of how to be free and live the life we want to live. She’s not a magic "do it" button for all of your shit - you have to put in the work. But she is magic and can help illuminate your way through some pretty dark stuff. I would recommend her to anyone.


Alyx Picard Davis


Ashley Glenn

“The way I’m showing up in the world is from a more solid place.”

I had never done any sort of coaching program before, so I didn’t really know what to expect when I showed up, but I walked away with a new found sense of self-acceptance. 

Since beginning the program I’ve set and maintained solid boundaries with tricky people in my life and as a result these relationships have shifted; the way I’m showing up in the world is from a more solid place -- I finally taught my first master yoga class!

Some of the best parts of the Big Bravely Collective was the group support, and seeing how the same issue or struggle shows up for different people. The 1:1 time was valuable as well - it helped me continue forward with the work.

Sheri has a way of seeing the potential in people and helping them see it in themselves, too. She’s a straight shooter, and wants to help people be the best version of themselves. I’d definitely recommend working with her!

Brilliant, insightful and dedicated to her clients succeeding. When I was stuck, Sheri Guyse stayed with me until the breakthrough happened. We both knew when I hit my ah-hah moment! Working with Sheri has changed my perspective on success forever.

Airial Clark
The Sex-Positive Parent



I go to Sheri with the big questions; she always gives me a thoughtful, truthful answer. I know with absolute certainty I'm doing things in my life now that I wouldn't be doing if it wasn't for Sheri. She has helped give me the courage to be who I am and live the life I truly want to live. 

Rick Thomas
OKC Mobile Fitness

I felt comfortable placing myself in Sheri's hands to achieve one specific goal: to start writing again. During each session, I felt her warmth, compassion, empathy, and understanding embrace me, guiding me through my struggles and shining a light into all the dark recesses preventing me from achieving my goal. At every turn, Sheri's thoughtfulness and insight broke yet another barrier to creativity I had built. Now I've written more pages in the last week than I'd written in the last 9 years. I'm eternally grateful for Sheri's loving kindness. I would recommend to anyone experiencing any form of turmoil in their life to reach out to Sheri and start down the path of healing.

“After our calls I felt like the impossible was possible.”

Meeting this group of women has been really great - these women are people I want to know outside of BBC. The support received from the group is powerful: seeing that "the struggle is real," not just with me, but with others, has made me feel less alone as I work to try to
tackle things.

The thing I like best about working with Sheri is how I feel after talking with her. There’s no judgement, and after our calls I felt like the impossible was possible.

I would definitely recommend BBC to any of my women friends who feel overwhelmed, lost or confused, or anyone who feels like they want to work on inner empathy, and compassion. It’s a wonderful gift you can give to yourself.

Sheri: I can't thank you enough, for your guidance, thoughtful input, and support. I'm grateful to have been a part of BBC. The work you are doing is deeply important, and I'm hoping that I can take what I've learned (and continue to learn learn), and be able to pay that forward somehow. I think the world needs a lot more "Sheri's" right now.


"Sheri made me comfortable and was easy to talk to."

When I first started talking to Sheri, I was at the lowest point in my life. I'm normally a positive person who can quickly "get over" the bumps in the road that life often presents. But 2016 was different for me. It was the worst year of my life and left me with severe anxiety and sleepless nights. 

Sheri was a godsend. Over the course of 6 months, Sheri taught me how to cope with my anxiety while also helping me to understand the events that happened in 2016. I'm not a person who normally opens up to others, but Sheri made me comfortable and was easy to talk to. Most importantly, my personal growth didn't stop as soon as my time with Sheri ended. Instead, the tools and recommendations she gave me continue to change my life.

If you're struggling with your current situation, contact Sheri.  She'll change your life.

Beau W

“I’m the happiest I’ve been in a while - even other people have noticed!”

Going through the Big Bravely Collective has been so helpful. My whole life I’ve always been so hard on myself - I didn’t really know how to be different. Now I know what it looks like to lighten up on myself. Also, I’m the happiest I’ve been in a while - even other people have noticed!

I know a lot of times in groups like these, there tends to be 1 or 2 people who monopolize the group and it all becomes about them, but that didn’t happen here. We had such a great group of women, and we all supported each other.

I think anyone who is feeling kind of stuck would benefit from working with Sheri. She helps you bring about desired changes in your life in a relatively painless way.