Big Bravely Collective


A few words to the tired, lost and overwhelmed...

Something is happening in the world today. I’m sure you’ve noticed. Women are standing up and speaking out like never before. Men are standing up and speaking for women like never before. Lots of folks who thought they had everything right are now wondering if maybe they got things a little (or a lot) wrong. It’s messy. It’s exciting. It’s exhausting. It’s confusing.


It is overwhelming.

All the while this is happening, you’re still trying to live your life. Yes, there’s 24 hour news cycle and all the important (and outrageous) information we consume to stay aware of what’s happening in our society, but you still have to make sure kids have breakfast. You also need clean clothes for work in the morning. There are still dentist appointments and holiday travel planning. You are busy.


AND you’re headed into the holiday season with who knows what kind of conversation waiting for you over the potluck at your uncle’s house. You’re exhausted just thinking about it. I am here to help you.


You want balance. Peace. SPACE. Genuine JOY.


You want to be in the company of women who have your back. You want a plan. You want to feel way less alone and way more connected to people you can trust, even with people who might not be just like you. Heck, not-like-me sounds like a refreshing change of pace!

You know all of the above involves living bravely, but you're like, "Where the hell did I put my Bravely? Is it behind the sofa? Is it in 'that drawer' in the kitchen? Do I need to just order a new one on etsy?"


I gotchoo right here in this 9-month group program. What's included:

+ 2hr monthly online workshops (yay learning!)

+ monthly bonus calls with topics co-created by group input and my own spidey sense (because collaboration rules and not every group is the same)

+ so much less anxiety because I have tools to support you in rewiring your nervous system. Neuroplasticity is amazing.

+ a purposeful book club (including discussion and integration – you've learned by now that just reading things isn't always the path to freedom)

+ private online community with up to 20 women (because too few people slows down group energy and too many gets overwhelming)

+ a monthly private session with me (for meaningful integration and privacy, because I know there will be things personal enough you don't want to talk about them in a group)

+ straightforward practices to integrate what you learn (because without practices, new concepts never become actual tools and new ways of being)

+ recordings of all group calls and all private calls (so you can revisit any time and catch up if you need to miss a live group call)

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At the end of our 9 months you will begin feeling like yourself again (or for the first time ever). Imagine what life could be like at work or at home or with your friends if you deeply understood and were agile with:

+ healthy boundaries

+ confidence in your next right steps

+ genuine connection, no matter who you're with

+ resiliency when navigating awkward or even challenging conversations

+ knowing you're not alone (no really, you aren't)

+ the idea that you aren't actually broken, but the world will definitely let you think you are

+ the idea that being who you're meant to be has a world-changing impact

+ self-confidence that comes from liking yourself, imperfections and all (instead of bravado)

+ letting that critical voice in your head settle down for a long winter's nap


Investment for enrolling is a $349 per month. No interest, bi-monthly payment plans and pay-in-full discounts are available (because I heart options, y'all).

The next Big Bravely Collective will begin by October 2019 but look for applications to go online in late August. if you’re a slow decider, take your time. Maybe fill out an application so I know you’re mulling on it and I’ll keep you in the loop if it looks like we’re about to hit capacity. Enrollment doors close on October 31.


What are the next steps?


1. Click through to the button below and get yourself on the waiting list so you know the moment applications are posted.

2. Once you submit your application later this year, I'll send you an email with a link so we can schedule a chat.

Don't worry, applying isn't like a job interview (or a sales pitch)! It's simply to review your application, answer all your questions and be sure that the BBC environment meets your needs and vice versa. If everything feels matchy-matchy, I'll give you the next steps for joining the Big Bravely Collective or point you in another direction if another direction seems like the thing to do.


+ When are calls held?

After our kick-off, the lesson call will be the first Saturday of the month from 9:30 to 11:00 central time. The second call will be decided by doodle poll as a group -- these often ended up being on weeknight evenings. ALL are recorded so that you may catch up on what you miss.

+ What's the call format?

We talk on Zoom, which is a free-for-you video chat software. It also lets you dial in through a phone number in case your wifi is spotty.

+ What books and materials will we use?

I've chosen a few standards, like Daring Greatly by Brené Brown, but a few others are candidates waiting in the wings. Not every group is the same and I'd rather get to know y'all for a month or two before I make a permanent decision. I also use a lot of videos and articles available on the internet that I'll share throughout our 9 months together.

+ How many people will participate?

Likely around 20. If I have a mad rush between now and the end of October, I will cap it at 30 and loop in a trained coach as a community manager to be an extra set of eyes and ears for the group. Anything larger than 30 isn't a group I'm interested in leading through this intimate and transformative curriculum. It's been my experience that participation can really wax and wane in online groups so I set the number with that in mind -- those who are all in all 9 months will gain the most benefit and I want you to have a good amount of peers around you doing this work, too.

What's the time commitment?

At minimum, I'd suggest 2 hours a week... spread out in 15 to 30 minute chunks. It fluctuates depending on your pace of reading, how active you are in the BBC network and how you choose to reflect/integrate the curriculum. If you're spending more than 10 hours a week, you might be doing too much. And we'll get to that because women LOVE to do too much.

+ At what time will the integration sessions be offered?

Depending on the month, I block off 5-6 days for integrations session. They are mostly weekdays, 8 to 5 but there are occasional weekend times when the weekday availability is limited (for instance, around Thanksgiving or Christmas).

+ What if I've already done a lot of work? Will this be too beginnery?

I am confident the answer is no. This won't be too elementary though you might learn some new foundations that no one has offered before, which is a neat way to liven up all the things you've already learned elsewhere. You might be unlearning along the way, though, as I've found new tools to help people let of old tools. I love a good streamlining.

+ What if I've never done coaching, counseling, therapy or anything? Will this be over my head?

Probably not, but that's the primary reason I have an application. This app gives me a head's up at how you think about lots of things, including yourself. Between that and our conversation on Zoom, I'll know if BBC is too stimulating and will get you to resources that will be a better first step for your life. All that to say, I've had loads of clients who were first-timers to this sort of support and they are soaring. You'll never know unless you try, so I suggest filling out the application if everything else feels like a fit.

+ How do I register?

You can't yet -- but you CAN scroll up just a bit and add your name to the waitlist. Later this year you will be notified when applications are open and instructions on how to proceed! Easy peasy.