Hi! I'm Sheri Guyse. I’m a coach and here’s what I want you to know:

That thing twisting you up, getting in your way, taking you away from your dreams or distancing you from the people you love…

...it’s not just you.

Seriously, it’s not. You are not uniquely defective and you’re not alone.

You can ask people - me! - to help you carry the heavy burdens.

And eventually, you can put them down.

You don’t need to be a character any more. Nope. Because the truth is, you are the author of your own big, brave life.


Helping you have a big, brave life is literally why I became a coach.


Before that, I got my degree in journalism from the University of Central Oklahoma and developed a 10 year career in communications. Even then, before I was having deep conversations as a coach for a living, I was fundamentally interested in uncovering stories and learning about people's lives.

On my own journey of personal growth, Dr. Brené Brown is huge influence. As I completed her course, The Power of Vulnerability, I began to truly discover all the ways I hid in my own life.  I won't ask you to walk down a path I've never walked myself and am transparent about the stumbles and falls from my own life -- those messy times were fertile ground for some of my biggest times of learning and growth. Other major influences include Paul Gilbert, Elizabeth Gilbert, Kristin Neff and just about every song lyric by Patty Griffin.

I won’t ask you to walk down a path I’ve never walked myself

Speaking of songs... I love music and it’s kept me company since I was a little girl. Songs gave me words when I didn’t have any and live music is where I’ve found belonging. It’s vital to me -- so much so that our local music community has become one of my heart’s homes. (If you want to know who’s playing in Oklahoma City, you’ll probably see it in my Facebook feed.)

I'm also raising two amazing kids who each have blue eyes, kind hearts and comedic timing to rival any cast member of Saturday Night Live. I'm the luckiest.

Also important for you to know: over and over, my clients say I’m warm, real, ask great questions, and make them feel great about themselves. It lights me up to see your lights come on.

I promised myself I will live a big, brave life -- and that’s what I want for you, too.
To create that big brave life, we must heal our unhealed hurts. We gotta dive deep into the unique influences that shape us and often ask us to perform an acceptable version of human being rather than be ourselves. We must unravel our social conditioning, own our stories and get real about who we really are.

Then we have to get real with the world.

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I want you to be more of yourself. I want you to have brave conversations with other people -- and yourself -- about what you need, want and don’t want in your relationships, family, career and future.

I also want you to know that when you do, the world won’t stop spinning.

And it will open up a path to your own personal liberation and fulfillment.

That’s big and brave.

And that’s our work, together.