Claim Your Calm

my 6-week plan to quiet your busy brain

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Because chaos is holding you back and you deserve to thrive your face off!

You’re gonna learn how to GET A MINUTE, whether that’s from family or job responsibilities or the 24-hour news cycle. You deserve to find YOUR way to a little bit of peace in this world that isn't self-destructive (the chaos of life is always waiting for you at the end of that row of Oreos...).


Calming down seems simple, but quick fixes don’t work. If everything you’ve tried DID work, would you be here?

I don't promise instant zen tranquility. (Doesn't 'instant zen' sound like a lovely flavor of tea??) Instead, I want you to have that little beat of space between stimulus and response — bit of room to think clearly and breathe.

My process is not complicated but it does require you to learn a couple of concepts that no one taught you in school. Then you’ll need to show up to practice them. I call it Claim Your Calm because it’s up to YOU to claim your brain. Neuroplasticity (our nervous system’s ability to change the programming) is pretty magical, but it doesn’t work without you coming back to the process again and again.

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That’s why I’ve created Claim Your Calm: a gentle, easy and entertaining-as-possible way to rewire your nervous system.

Go from “Oh shit — let’s panic!” to “Behold these fucks I no longer give!” in less time.


You need some quiet in this noisy, noisy world.


Your attention is inundated and overwhelmed. When you can't think straight, stress has you taking things out on people, running away from problems or totally checking out (fight, flight, freeze) -- then you feel worse instead of better. Deadlines get missed. Conversations that need to happen... don't. Extreme tiredness sets in (a voice in your head wants to call that 'being lazy' but... it isn't). 

When you can't think straight, you go into auto-pilot mode. You live your life going from thing to thing to thing without really knowing if it's the right thing for you. Where does that lead you? 

Um... lost. Just like if you went for a hike on without a map or compass in a place you've never been. 

Your brain (and perhaps your body) is going! going! going! all the time. Whether it's trying to keep up with work politics or flipping out about national politics (I can't blame you on that one...) there's a LOT happening up there in that noggin. It's wearing you out mentally but it's also disheartening. Your spirit is suffering.

Get a little bitty break. Learn how to calm your mind and start feeling like yourself again. Right now. Claim it.

No... I'm not teaching you to meditate (but, if you love it -- keep doing it!) and there will be no yoga. I'm not very bendy.


Claim Your Calm is just $175 (or 3 payments of $60). What's included:

+ lifetime access to Claim Your Calm (once you buy it, you own it for as long as it is sitting up there in the interwebs)

+ dozens of lessons that teach your body how to quiet your mind, all neatly organized into 6 manageable modules.

+ so much less anxiety because these tools support you in rewiring your nervous system for less anxiety. Neuroplasticity is amazing.

= strategies on how to get more space for you in your daily life, no matter how busy you are today.

+ straightforward practices to integrate what you learn (because without practices, new concepts never become actual tools and new ways of operating in the world)

+ live Q&A calls so you always have help (recorded, so you can revisit any time or catch up if you miss one)

+ bonus material for those who want to learn more about key concepts inside each module.


Within weeks your brain will feel online again (or online for the first time ever). Imagine what life could be like if you:

+ had better boundaries with work and home

+ woke rested and feeling ready for the day

+ felt clear as a bell on your next right steps

+ could deal with or even initiate awkward or hard (but necessary) conversations

+ had fewer flare ups in your auto-immune disorder

+ less tension in your body (who here wears their shoulders in their ears??)

“This course helped me use orienting to bring myself to a shift in focus. This has always been hard for me with my ADHD, so it’s been really helpful. Since the program I notice myself feeling calmer and able to manage more without stress. Sheri really cares and listens really well.” - Amy


What are the next steps?

1. Click through to the button below to complete your purchase. YES you can save $50 if you purchase before the course goes live on March 22!

2. Login information will be emailed on March 22 along with instructions on how to get started!

3. Our first Live Q&A session will be in early April. Don’t worry, I will definitely email you a reminder and instructions on how to participate.


+ On what platform is the course?

Claim Your Calm is build on the Teachery platform. I like it because it can host videos, audios, worksheets, transcriptions and links. Plus, I can change the colors to match my website.

+ Are you coaching me through the material?

I defiinitely include my coaching philosophy throughout the course and know where folks most often get stuck and include extra notes in those places. Because Claim Your Calm is a fraction of what private, customized coaching costs, no private coaching is included.

+ But what if I get stuck?

I will host a live Q&A for Claim Your Calm every few weeks AND those call recordings will be posted in the course page.

+ But what if I have zero time? I'm exhausted.

"No time" is a strong sign CYC is deeply needed in your toolbox for an array of reasons. Maybe you're over-committing to everyone else and never to ALL of your own well being? (Your self-care goes beyond shopping therapy or a hot bath... I promise.) Maybe you spend so much energy in worry/stress (or fixing missteps) that your focus/productivity is low? Maybe you lack the gumption to take things off your plate?

I could keep going but instead, I'll say this course could also be renamed Reclaiming Your Time (h/t to Maxine Waters). In 6 weeks (and especially in 4-6 months of practicing these tools at some point each week) you WILL have more time in your life. You'll also be building a keen radar for which fucks to give and which fucks to stop giving. You'll also have more peace, ease and calm while maintaining connection with those who matter. You deserve that.

+ What's the cost?

Claim Your Calm is $175. I also have a no-interest, flexible payment plans. Head over here for that!

+ What's the time commitment?

I'd suggest 1-2 hours a week... spread out in 15 to 30 minute chunks. It fluctuates depending on your pace of reading, how much you practice the exercises and how you choose to reflect/integrate the curriculum.

+ How do I register?

You can't yet, but you CAN scroll up just a bit and buy at the early bird rate -- saving yourself $50. On March 22 you'll then receive your login information and access to the first module.


I now hear myself better. I actually listen to myself and tune into what ails me.


I wasn’t really sure what to expect or how much time I could commit when I signed up, but I’m glad I did. I now hear myself better. I actually listen to myself and tune into what ails me, instead of just ignoring everything and tuning out. My biggest take-away from the program was “realizing there wasn't a bear in the room”. (It’ll make sense when you get to that week!) Sheri cares more than what people might be used to in a group program, which is great. - John

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Still not sure? How about some practical truth sauce? 

When you live in constant chaos you experience any combo of these things:

+ racing thoughts

+ lack of clarity and focus

+ paralyzing fear over things that shouldn't be that big of a deal

+ confusion on what your next steps are

+ trouble waking and never waking rested

+ trouble falling and/or staying asleep

+ trouble digesting food (I could go into graphic detail... but... you know if this is you...)

When your body stays in constant stress for years, you are more likely to experience:

+ auto immune disorders

+ trouble with maintaining a variety of healthy relationships

+ low self-worth

+ muscle tension and pain