{Inner} Space Camp


In this 6-week online camp where you can find peace and community!

You’re gonna learn how to GET A MINUTE, whether that’s from family or job responsibilities or the 24-hour news cycle. You deserve to find YOUR way to a little bit of peace in this world that isn't self-destructive (the chaos of life is always waiting for you at the end of that row of Oreos...).


Getting calm seems simple, but quick fixes don’t work long-term. If everything you’ve tried DID work, would you be here?

I don't promise instant zen tranquility. (Doesn't 'instant zen' sound like a lovely flavor of tea??) Instead, I’ll help you nurture more space in the time it takes to react to things — bit of room to think clearly and breathe.

My process is not complicated but it does require you to learn a couple of concepts that no one taught you in school. Then you’ll need to show up to practice them — and there’s nothing quite so reinforcing for practicing as a knowing your friends are waiting for you in the community.

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That’s why folks love {Inner} Space Camp: a gentle, easy and entertaining-as-possible way to rewire your nervous system.

Go from “Oh shit — let’s panic!” to “Behold these fucks I no longer give!” in less time.


You deserve some quiet in this noisy, noisy world.


Your attention is inundated and overwhelmed. When you can't think straight, stress has you taking things out on people, running away from problems or totally checking out (fight, flight, freeze) -- then you feel worse instead of better. Deadlines get missed. Conversations that need to happen... don't. Extreme tiredness sets in (a voice in your head wants to call that 'being lazy' but... it isn't). 

When you can't think straight, you go into auto-pilot mode. You live your life going from thing to thing to thing without really knowing if it's the right thing for you. Where does that lead you? 

Um... lost. Just like if you went for a hike in a place you've never been without a map or compass.

You deserve better. Join us right this second. 👇🏼 


{Inner} Space Camp is a judgement free, safe experience full of honesty, love and encouragement.


As a result of {Inner} Space Camp, I find myself doing more self care, not feeling guilty about saying no to doing too much (most of the time anyway!), and just being more aware of stresses. I loved the creative activities Sheri gave us - they were a great part of the camp! 

Sheri - You made this a judgement free, safe experience full of honesty, love and encouragement. You have given me so many great tools to use in all my relationships. Love you! — L.L.

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Pause a moment and imagine if you:

+ slept like a million bucks last night… and every night for the last month

+ sprung out of bed each morning ready to light up the world

+ instinctually felt exactly when to say ‘no’, even when it looks good on paper

+ instinctually felt exactly when to say ‘yes’, even if everyone thinks you’re bananas

+ felt clear as a bell on your next big decision, personally or professionally

+ handled or even initiated awkward or hard (but necessary) conversations with ease

+ had more time and energy for yourself

+ possessed fewer muscles made of concrete (who here wears their shoulders in their ears??)

“I wasn’t really sure what to expect or how much time I could commit when I signed up, but I’m glad I did. I now hear myself better. I actually listen to myself and tune into what ails me, instead of just ignoring everything and tuning out. My biggest take-away from the program was ‘realizing there wasn't a bear in the room’. (It’ll make sense when you get to that week!) Sheri cares more than what people might be used to in a group program, which is great.” - John


What are the next steps?

1. Click through to the button below to complete your purchase.

2. Login information for core curriculum will be emailed immediately along with instructions on how to get started! Community doors open on July 1!

3. Our first Live Q&A session will be Sunday, July 7 at 11am central — mark your calendar!


What’s the price? $175 **or** 3 monthly payments of $60. For that, sweet summer camper, you’ll get:

+ lifetime access to course curriculum as long as it’s on the interwebs

+ access to a private, secret Facebook group where we learn, heal and share accountability in community.

+ weekly Q&A calls with me so you always have help (recorded, so you can revisit any time or catch up if you miss one)

+ dozens of lessons that teach your body how to quiet your mind, all neatly organized into 6 manageable modules.

+ tools to support rewiring your nervous system for way less anxiety. Neuroplasticity is amazing.

= strategies on how to get more space for YOU in your daily life, no matter how busy it seems.

+ memes — because, c’mon, sometimes you just gotta laugh at these weiord brains of ours.


I find myself spending more time caring for myself, important relationships, and focusing on the things I need to progress my life forward.


I really enjoyed {Inner} Space Camp. A lot of people think I’m busy all the time, but now I find myself spending more time caring for myself, important relationships, and focusing on the things I need to progress my life forward. During camp I was in quite a transition - I quit a job, and started both a new job and grad school. I’m thankful I now have the time and ability to go back to the lessons, calls and activities.

I think the hardest part of a growth journey is accepting who you are, but still being driven to be the person you want to be come. Sheri and the other participants were very accepting and made the journey special. - Linh