Let it Go

energy clearing sessions


Sometimes there’s stuff that all the therapy in the world just doesn’t seem to touch...

You’re into personal growth and maybe even have a therapist or coach. Or you’re into reading best-sellers to get ahead in life. Or you’re a how-to-make-your-life-better podcast fanatic. All the above has worked!

But you’ve also noticed that some kind of old pattern returns (hello, one more emotionally unavailable person in your life…) or the same hiccups keep happening (so we meet again, self-sabotage…).


It’s a little annoying.

Okay… a lot annoying. That’s why I began working with an energy healer over 5 years ago, even when I was also working with a life coach or my therapist. I knew that my energetic balance was wonky but didn’t know how to fix it. Once I became a coach, I would often wish I had some way to do this work on clients but all I had were names of people to send them to.

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Now, I have THIS! ✨💃🏻✨

Sub-conscious healing work doesn’t need much time, effort or conversation, just your attention while I do the session. AND it boosts any other healing work you’re pursuing – to me, this is the most exciting part!


You deserve to feel a whole lot better.


Feelings are powerful teachers and an important part of our personal growth. But sometimes, for all sorts of well-meaning reasons (and other reasons simply out of our control) negative feelings get stuck in our bodies and cause problems. Those trapped hurts are getting in the way of you moving forward in life, loving with your whole heart or even having less physical tension in your body.

Let me help. A clearing session lasts around 30 minutes. A few days after your appointment, I’ll follow up via email to check in on anything you’ve noticed, send you the recording of our session, and check in on what else I might be able to help you with.


I feel a burden lifted and more hopeful than I’ve been in a long time.


Since my energy clearings with Sheri, I feel a burden lifted and more hopeful than I've been in a long time. There's less emotional static going on in the background as I move through my day and like there's more of ME here and less of everything else. After releasing trapped negative emotion away from my heart I slept SO deeply, as if I had taken a sleep aid — but I didn't. Sheri, you are a thorough and relentless advocate for healing. Thank you!! — Airial Clark


This was the breakthrough I've needed for a long time.


When I learned Sheri was offering this service I didn't hesitate to jump right in. I've always thought of myself as a strong woman, but that sometimes means I'm not totally in touch with all of my emotions. Since working to clear my stuck energies, my feelings are easier to access and work with. This was the breakthrough I've needed for a long time. Hearts can be fragile but know that yours will be safe with Sheri. — MIchelle L.

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I feel lighter… maybe with an extra touch of daring.


I wasn't really sure what to expect or how energy clearing would help, but I feel lighter and more like myself – maybe with an extra touch of daring. I also feel more empathetic and connected to all sorts of people and experiences, especially those closest to me. - Jenn Robbins, https://jennrobbins.com/


What are the next steps?


1. Click the button below and book a time to talk. I’ve left a spot for you to share a little bit about what you’d like to release but we can also figure that out at the beginning of the call.

2. Put this day on your calendar and when it’s time to chat, I’ll meet you on Zoom or give you a call over the phone.

3. A few days after our call I’ll drop you a note to check-in on what seems or feels different in your daily life.


+ How do I know what to work on?

First, look for repeating patterns in your life. Maybe you always get restless at a job at the 3 year mark or you stay in relationships (romantic or otherwise) 5 times longer than you should have, once you have hindsight. But even if you don't know what to work on, I have a simple system to determine enough work for a 30 minute session.

+ Do you use crystals or other woo-tastic tools?

Nah. I'm just connecting to your energies and using muscle testing to determine what needs work.

+ What does it feel like?

Just depends. For some folks, it doesn't feel like anything (which is perfectly normal). Other folks might get chills or feel a warmth in their belly. Still others might feel a little emotional. All the above is just what happens when stuck emotional energy is finally let go.

+ I'm pretty skeptical about all of this.

You get to be! That said, if you show up to a session with heavy skepticism it'll likely block your ability to be cleared. If you want to give it a try and approach it from the position of, "I don't know how this actually works but I'll try anything once" then you'll get to let go of some really old stuff that's been in your way for a long time, perhaps even for generations. There are loads of things in life that you might not know exactly how they work to trust the process.

+ I'm really struggling with ___, will this help?

Fill in that blank with anything. I'm absolutely positive that energy clearings will help. I'd guess that 1-3 sessions will really dial down some stuff that's happening in your subconsious and then you'll be able to see what you need on a deeper, long-term level. In the short term you could experience things like feeling lighter, sleeping more deeply or having more synchronicities in your life.

+ How do I register?

Go to https://sheriguyse.as.me/energy and submit your intake form and payment. Then we'll meet on Zoom at the appointed time. Easy peasy.


I am now feeling stronger, more determined and like life may still have something for me.


It surprised me that I didn't have to do any gut-wrenching work to clear negative emotions, nor did I have to tell the stories underneath my guilt and shame. During the clearing I did not feel anything and wondered if I missed something that I'd have to go back and catch in the recording. Later that night at work this huge ball of anger, guilt, blame, a little dab of rage, just lifted completely out of me. Tears came to my eyes as they are now, and I wrote down the words, 'If we could have done better we would have done better.' Am now feeling stronger, more determined and like life may still have something for me — I will be eternally grateful. Calm and clarity have come my way since. There are still fears and doubts, but there is forward motion – I’m freed from the loop I was caught in for at least the last five years, maybe longer. - Bronna McNeely